Mandy Moore, the "This is Us" actress, took to Instagram on Saturday to reveal that she visited a doctor for her Upper Endoscopy, to find out her real condition with celiac disease. She documented her doctor's visit through a video of herself in the hospital. On the caption, she wrote, "Just had an upper endoscopy to officially see whether or not I have celiac. On my way to the diagnosis."

According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, the actress recent upper endoscopy was not the first time for her. The 33-year old star reportedly had her stitches last month after having a run-in to her shower door handle.

Perhaps, this will be the second time for Moore to undergo a physical recovery.

Autoimmune disorder

In a report obtained by People, celiac disease is a kind of autoimmune disorder which largely affects a person's ability to digest foods rich in gluten. It was also added that when a person with celiac happens to eat gluten; the body will trigger its own immune response which would cause internal damage.

Celiac is a kind of disease which doctors found no cure to it. Accordingly, a person with such disease should strictly follow a gluten-free diet as it is the only treatment for the kind of disorder. Back in July, Moore first revealed on Instagram that she had been diagnosed with such disorder. Since then, she had been asking her fans about some tips that would help a person with a celiac problem.

Thanking her fans

In the midst of her recent health scare, Moore expressed her thanks to all her fans for helping her go through her health problem the easy way. It seemed that Moore has been sticking with her gluten-free diet since her diagnosis.

During her engagement party with Taylor Goldsmith, she added that her heart bursts in happiness with the kind of comfort that was shown to her.

She also thanked her real friends for being a really good company. The newly engaged couple, together with their friends, had enjoyed the engagement celebration with some gluten-free drinks, teas, and sandwiches.

Regardless of what she went through, Moore continued to be thankful for the life she shared with her family, friends, and her soon-to-be husband, Goldsmith.

As she posted her recent video to Instagram, thousands of her fans and followers have wished for her to recover fast so she can also enjoy the preparation of her upcoming wedding to Goldsmith. With all the messages she received, Moore added, "My heart is full!"