Those Winchester boys cannot catch a break. After the premiere of the 13th season, “Supernatural” is determined to make a pretty strong impression on the fans for the rest of the season (the writers clearly want to give us a heart attack!). Jack is still learning to control his powers, Hell is after him, and we finally got the first sneak peek of the alternate dimension, Michael.

Who is Jack exactly?

The dynamic that exists between Sam Winchester, Jack and Dean is one that it is going to be explored thoroughly this season. Dean does not like Jack and has made it clear that if it comes to killing the kid, he will not hesitate (although we are not so sure about it).

Sam, on the other hand, has a completely different attitude towards Jack. Unlike Dean, he sees the light in the son of Lucifer and is trying with everything he can to make Jack, become the hero he can be. It is not easy, as it is clear that Jack does not have full control over his powers, nor exactly know what his powers are. Despite the struggle he is going through, he still managed to save Sam, Dean, and Donatello from the grips of Asmodeus.

A new sheriff in town

And since his name came up, Hell has a new sheriff in town. Asmodeus is a Prince of Hell, and he was born to rule the underworld. Although the demons were expecting a comeback from Lucifer, until he escapes that alternate dimension, Asmodeus will be ruling Hell for a while.

And of course, not even a day after he shows up in Hell, he manages to kidnap Jack, and almost let loose the darkest creatures, that even Lucifer was afraid of. Fortunately, Sam and Dean were there to stop more evil from entering our realm.

On the other side of the universe, Mary and Lucifer are actually helping each other to survive.

Although, in the beginning, we were not sure if Lucifer would let Mary live after she pulled him in the alternate dimension; now we can see that Lucifer is trying to make the best of a bad situation. He decided to use her as leverage, in order to trade her for his son. He even went to the extent to save her life, which just goes to show that Lucifer does not let rage lead his thoughts.

In the end, we got to see Lucifer and Michael finally meet. Although in their reality, Lucifer already lost and died, maybe Michael will not defeat this one that easily.

In the last moments of the episode, we witnessed some “soul-crushing” moments. Although Jack has evil in him, he is still trying to be good. But, the mere knowledge of that immense power hidden within his veins, is crushing his very heart. He is not sure if he is worth it, but as Sam put it, “Your actions are what define you, not what you were born.”