Netflix finally revealed the release date of the much-awaitedLongmireSeason 6 after a long wait. The streaming network also made up for the delays to the television show’s fans as they dropped its new trailer.

It is indeed the final bow of the television show based on Craig Johnson’s “Walt Longmire Mysteries” novel series. Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) can be seen looking at his badge for quite a while. As he may seem to ponder his service as a sheriff, he said, “Maybe I have stayed on the job too long.”

Walt to close every storyline hanging

A lot of things are about to happen in “Longmire” Season 6.

From Walt’s plan to quit his job to save his old pal Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips), the twist and turn of events are going to be pretty intense. The much-loved sheriff is going to end every storyline that has been hanging all the while, including the impending case against him.

He is now thinking about selling his land. If he goes ahead with it, he believes that he is about to lose everything. Fortunately, he has Victoria Moretti (Katee Sackhoff) by his side. She told him that it is not the only thing he has left as he still has her. From the looks of it, the final season will also give way to their blooming romance. Over the years, fans have been waiting to see these two to end up together.

The television show’s last 10 episodes will also close Walt’s issues with Malachi Strand (Graham Greene) and Jacob Nighthorse (A. Martinez). Henry’s fate lies in the hands of his former best friend. Malachi wants someone to pay for everything that happened to him and Henry will be his victim. Walt is doing everything to find Henry as he knows that time is running out to see him alive.

Picking up the television show

This will be the last time that fans are going to see “Longmire” Season 6 on Netflix.

The streaming network picked up the Western crime drama series after A&E canceled it after just three seasons with a major cliffhanger. After another three chapters on Netflix, it is now coming to a real end. From the looks of it, Walt will give finality to the television show as seen on its two-minute trailer.

Running for six installments might be enough for the crime-drama to tell its entire story, Screenrant reported. But, fans of Robert Taylor’s series are still disappointed that it will be the series’ swan song. In fact, some are now asking for other networks to pick up and continue its story. There are even swirling rumors that a movie adaptation is about to be made. As nothing is confirmed yet about the show’s future, at least, Netflix and the rest of the cast are going to give it a proper ending.