It will be nearly a year since the last episode ofLongmireSeason 6 was revealed on Sept. 23, 2016. As the television show’s cast members already revealed that its production has ended and bid their goodbyes to their co-actors, fans thought that its official release would be announced.

But, weeks have passed and Netflix has yet to reveal the modern Western crime drama’s return to the small screen. It looks like the streaming network is keeping things about the series under wraps to build the hype as this will be the show’s final bow.

The announcement’s delay

Netflix’s latest reveal about “Longmire” Season 6 is just Walt Longmire’s (Robert Taylor) photo earlier this summer. After that, there is no new update about the television show.

The final installment’s filming already wrapped up and its fifth season’s DVD copy will be coming out later this month. So, fans are expecting to hear the announcement of its premiere date by this time.

However, the streaming network remains mum about it. In fact, it is not even releasing a new official trailer to tease the fans. According to Carter Matt, if this will be the series’ real ending, it couple possibly say goodbye with high ratings because of the hype it's building.

It, too, could possibly be adapted by other networks or even into a movie if it continues to create noise, largest viewership possible, and a cult following.

As its release date remains to be a big mystery, some predict it to come this October.

Expected release date

Netflix has yet to announce its October schedule. To recall, “Longmire” Season 6 is not included on its September release.

The streaming network is expected to reveal the television show’s release at the end of September.

It is also expected to reveal a new trailer or a teaser photo, at least.

If the series based on “Walt Longmire Mysteries” novel by Craig Johnson still didn’t make it in October, some are expecting to see it in the coming Thanksgiving Week. By that time, it could avoid the November sweeps and go head to head with the few shows coming in that season.

Henry’s revelation

As fans are all left wondering when the television show is going to be released, they are now also speculating what is going to happen in “Longmire” Season 6.

There are swirling rumors that Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) will be having a lot of scenes with Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez) and Mathias (Zahn McClarnon), Christian Today reported. It is not yet known why he is with these two characters mentioned above, but it might reveal his connection to Mathias and the Malachi Stand that will link him to Jacob.