With Halloween just around the corner, several celebrities have been sharing their excitement for the date. However, one celebrity, in particular, has managed to capture the attention of the public in a very negative way. Lili Reinhart shared an image from a Halloween Instagram account. The image contained an underlying tone of racism unbeknownst to the actress who immediately began to receive abuse.

Unintentional racism

According to Deadline, Lili Reinhart has accidentally infuriated the public. The "Riverdale" actress, who is known for her love of special effects makeup, recently posted an image of women dressed up for Halloween.

The woman was covered in black paint from head to two and Reinhart stated that she found her Halloween customer.

Immediately the public began to slate the celebrity online. They claimed that Lili Reinhart was racist and was implying that she was going to use blackface for her Halloween costume. In a report by Refinery, Perez Hilton also added flames to the fire tweeting out about Reinhart's racist comments.

In a report by Refinery, plenty of Lili Reinhart's fans rushed to her defense and explained that Reinhart did not mean her comment to be racially insensitive. Other fans joked that she was well-meaning but that the execution of her message was poor. Some of Lili's most loyal fans dismissed the claims of blackface instead claiming that the women were dressed up as a demon and not a black person.

Reinhart has apologized

According to Deadline, Lili Reinhart has apologized for the Tweet. The actress immediately deleted her tweet when she became aware of the dual meaning of her message. The celebrity addressed the remarks and claimed that she did not intend to cause any harm or offense. The actress explained that she stumbled across the image on Instagram when she was pursuing ideas for Halloween.

She explained that she did not see the underlying consequences of posting such a picture and has apologized profusely for her mistake. She stated that she could completely understand where the public was coming from and that she was simply naive to the racist interpretation.

This is not the only time that Reinhart has found herself in the focus of the media.

She recently came forward with a story of sexual harassment that she suffered at the hands of one of her co-stars. Reinhart joined the dozens of celebrities coming forward and telling their experiences of abuse in the entertainment industry.

Reinhart is currently working on the second season of the hit Netflix series "Riverdale" where she plays the girl next door, Betty Cooper.