Sam Smith has been a source of interest in the media over the past few weeks. The singer appears to be in a relationship with Brandon Flynn. The debate over whether or not he was in a relationship with Flynn led to Smith revealing that he is gender fluid. The singer claimed that he has hidden this for several years, as he was afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing.

Smith spoke candidly about his gender

According to the Rolling Stones, Sam Smith has opened up about how he feels about his gender. The singer has revealed that while he does not want to put any labels on himself he claimed that he feels as female as male.

Smith revealed that when he was seventeen years old he got his first pair of heels. The singer stated that he has a load of heels at home but that this was something he had kept to himself for a long time.

In a report by Billboard, Sam Smith stated that he used to wear eclectic clothing when he was in high school. He claimed that he would often arrive at school wearing a full face of makeup. He worn leggings, doc martins, and fur coats for over two years. He claimed that he was lucky in being able to express himself at such a young age.

Sam Smith also opened up about his love of drag. He claimed that he loves to buy dresses and to throw on a pair of heels. Smith has claimed that he is not a cisgender man and that he now feels comfortable revealing this to the public.

Fear held Smith back

In the report by Billboard, Sam Smith has opened up about his fear of revealing his Gender Fluidity. He stated that when he first came out in 2014, he suddenly became known as the "gay singer." He revealed that this was something that he was not comfortable with. Sam Smith wanted to be known for his music and not for his gender or sexual preference.

However, Smith has now claimed that he is comfortable being himself in front of the media. When he first became a singer, he was only nineteen years old and he was at a stage where he was not confident. After years of perfecting his music and learning about who he is as a person, Smith claims that he is comfortable sharing his private life with the world.

In a report by the Rolling Stones, Smith stated that he has changed over the past few years. He has experienced more of life and that he does not mind being titled as the gender fluid singer. He claimed that he has had several inspirations to draw from over the years from Elton John to Ian McKellan.

Sam Smith has been working on a new album titled "The Thrill of It All." The singer is hoping to release his album on November 3. Fans cannot wait to hear what Sam Smith has in store for them.