On Saturday, an emotional Lady Gaga shared a birthday message to her late Friend, Sonja Durham, who died from cancer in May. Durham was Gaga's long-time managing director, who battled cancer in her breast, lungs, and brain. The singer took to social media and shared a series of their pictures together.

Gaga captioned the photo, “Happy Birthday to my late best friend @sonjad7777 Sonja Durham Dubois. In the midst of her birthday message, the famous singer also called out her followers to share some stories about Breast Cancer Awareness.

She also continued her message by saying, "I know you’re running Haus of Gaga from Heaven.”

Selfie with her boyfriend

The "Bad Romance" singer was reportedly very emotional on the day she celebrated her friend's birthday. Meanwhile, the talent agent Christian Carino, her boyfriend, was also there to show Gaga some comfort and support. The couple took a photo of them together and shared the snap on Instagram.

As part of her celebration, Gaga wore a pink dress in honor of Sonja's birthday. She knew that her friend would truly want them to remember her on her birthday. The singer was also handing out some pink chocolate kisses as her way of supporting breast cancer awareness, People reported.

Wearing Sonja's ashes on her neck

While Gaga sported her pink sequined dress for Sonja's birthday, she also revealed that she's wearing her friend's ashes in her black pearl necklace. She added that it was given to her by Sonja's husband following her death.

Gaga has shared a lot of stories about her and her friend on Instagram many times. Perhaps, their friendship is already known to Gaga's fanbase.

In a report by E! News, they wrote that her friend was mentioned in the diva's songs like, "Grigio Girls." It was one of her best singles which was part of her latest album, "Joanne." On Saturday, the famous singer also uploaded a video on YouTube which featured her and her friends celebrating Sonja's 42nd birthday.

A month after her death, Gaga reportedly paid a tribute to her friend onstage at the 2017 Coachella festival, as she performed an acoustic version of her songs. During her friend's passing, Gaga promised to be the voice of cancer patients all around the world. She also vowed to be strong and to support anyone who lost a loved one because of cancer. Gaga promised to be one of the warriors against cancer and to continue bringing awareness of it to everyone.