It has taken some months for the October 3 Crime Scene photos to emerge, but the French network, TFI, have now released photos of the crime scene in Kim Kardashian’s hotel room in the Hôtel de Pourtalès in Paris, France. In October last year, Kardashian told police that she was tied up by a group of men, who then stole millions of dollars worth of her jewelry, including a 20-carat diamond ring worth some $4 million.

Kim was reportedly gagged, tied up and kept prisoner, in the bathroom of her hotel suite during the robbery and images allegedly show the plastic ties and duct tape used for that purpose.

Gags and ties used in Kim Kardashian robbery revealed

The French network also released what they say is video surveillance footage, showing alleged suspects in the crime, as well as the images of the gags and ties used on Kim.

Kardashian was attending the Paris Fashion Week with her sisters and a group of friends when the robbery occurred and she immediately returned home and kept a low profile after the incident, generally keeping quiet on social media and obviously in shock.

Some of the video footage showed the robbers seated outside the A Mon Café in Paris, some three miles from the hotel where the robbery and attack on Kardashian took place on October 3 last year.

Kim Kardashian has reportedly changed her lifestyle since the robbery

People Magazine reports that sources close to the family have said that Kardashian is changing her life since the traumatic incident in Paris with a new outlook on life and security.

Reportedly in January, authorities in France initially charged 10 people in connection with the crime and People reports that Le Monde newspaper released various excerpts of police testimony, where the lead suspect, Aomar Ait Kihedache had reportedly confessed to the crime, calling the robbery a “very simple affair.”

Earlier in February this year, Kardashian met with a French judge in New York, in order to give her testimony against the alleged robbers, with four men finally and formally charged by French police.