Kelly Clarkson is making her way back into the spotlight, releasing a new single, "Love So Soft" with its new video just yesterday. The 35-year old singer and songwriter is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and talks about her upcoming record, "Meaning of Life," and her experiences post-"American Idol." More recently, Clarkson was tapped to be a judge on next year's "The Voice," which may seem like jumping the fence to "American Idol"'s main competition. "American Idol" is set to be rebooted with Katy Perry as one of the judges and Clarkson admitted that she was approached by "Idol" but a deal did not fall through.

The main reason why she didn't agree to sign on for "Idol" was the demands of her schedule.

Singer is now a mother of two

Kelly Clarkson has come a long way from being the angsty, angry young artist in her early 20's to the calmer, more relaxed 30-something she is today. Since winning Grammy Awards and touring the world to promote her platinum-selling records, Clarkson married Brandon Blackstock and started a family, with daughter River Rose and son Remy. She's also stepmother to Blackstock's two children. NY Daily News reported that Clarkson said, "We’re used to the Voice schedule, we already have to work around it because of our family." She admitted that having four kids takes a toll on any parent and the schedule that "The Voice" affords her time with her loved ones.

Nonetheless, she admits that she was "bummed" when "Idol" approached her with the gig and wishes them success in the reboot.

Clarkson on the reboot: 'A little too soon'

When "American Idol" bowed out with its 15th and final season, Kelly Clarkson was about to give birth to her son. She gave an emotional performance of "Piece by Piece" on the show, bringing judges Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban to tears.

When asked about the upcoming ABC reboot, Clarkson admitted that "It's a little too soon, because I was pregnant with my son when it ended, and he's only one [year old]."

Grammy Award winner wants to be a mentor to younger artists

Kelly Clarkson shared that it would be "awesome" to be able to help a younger artist get that big break.

She shared that while she would have enjoyed doing it for "American Idol," being a judge on "The Voice" is more or less the same thing. She also gave some valuable insight, telling Entertainment Weekly that some artists make certain decisions to become famous, not necessarily to express themselves as artists. She wants to help them achieve her level of success through artistry and not through fame. Her latest record, "Meaning of Life" arrives on October 27.