Kailyn Lowry struggled to find a name for her third son who was born this summer. For weeks, Lowry kept calling her son baby Lo, even though she really wanted to find a good name for him. For weeks, she wondered whether Russell would be a good name, but she ended up going with Lux Russell for his name. However, it sounds like her children may not be big fans of their names, as she recently revealed that her second son Lincoln is thinking about changing his name. Apparently, he's more interested in being called his middle name rather than his first name.

This "Teen Mom 2" star is now revealing that Lincoln is actually the wild child of the family. While Isaac is often labeled as the sweet and caring boy that she raised on her own, Lincoln is the wild child who will say and do just about anything. According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry responded to fans who truly adored Lincoln, revealing that he definitely has a mind of his own. She added that he wants to be called Marshall from now on and there isn't much she can do about it.

Fans adore Lincoln

Of course, fans truly adore Lincoln. He has grown up in the public eye, as she got pregnant with him while filming "Teen Mom 2." He was born on the show as well and fans have seen him grow up in front of the cameras.

He is funny, he has a charming smile and people love that he bonds with his father so well.

He also has a hilarious side as his father, Javi Marroquin, recently revealed.

While on a trip to Disney World, Javi revealed that his son was truly making the trip more hilarious, as he shared some photos that fans loved. In one photo, he was giving a dirty look to a Star Wars character, as they got to meet them during a meet-and-greet at Disney World.

Child support still an issue?

On "Teen Mom 2," Kailyn Lowry has revealed that she's upset and confused as to why Javi is asking her for child support.

She claims he makes enough money to support his son, Lincoln, and he gets health coverage through work. Marroquin himself revealed that he is able to care for his son. Perhaps he just wanted to file to get back at Lowry for filing a PFA against him, as she claimed she needed protection from abuse. It sounds like these two have managed to work out their issues and not fight as much as they have previously done. No word on whether she pays child support since she makes more money.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry gushing about her son Lincoln? Are you surprised that Lincoln is stealing the hearts of many fans?