Justin Timberlake confirmed the news on Sunday 22 October that he's going to headline the upcoming 2018 Super Bowl halftime show in Minneapolis. It will be the third time for the Grammy-award winner to headline the halftime show. On Twitter, he revealed that the show will kick off on February 4, 2018, at the United States Bank Stadium.

The singer also performed at Super Bowl Bowl XXXV, when he was still part of the boy band, "NSYNC." Together with Janet Jackson, Timberlake also performed at the Super Bowl XXVIII, and during that event, he faced a controversial incident when Jackosn's breast was briefly exposed during their performance.

The halftime show

When Timerblake announced his upcoming performance this season, he posted the news through a hilarious video with Jimmy Fallon. On the caption, he wrote, "I DO have the time. Half the time...#PepsiHalftime #SBLII @Pepsi @NFL @JimmyFallon @FallonTonight."

According to a report by E! News, Pepsi also tweeted the announcement about Timberlake headlining the show. It was officially revealed that the popular singer will perform on stage at the upcoming event. The full scope of the event will happen in the earliest month of 2018. Last year, the "Bad Romance" singer performed during the halftime show, and the singer gained praise for the performance.

Controversial appearance

In a report obtained by People, Timberlake's upcoming 2018 performance will come 14 years after he faced controversy during his performance with Jackson.

The singer reportedly removed a covering of Jackson's breast. While 90 million viewers watched the show live on TV, most of them judged the singer for the incident.

Since then, Timberlake stayed out of the Super Bowl spotlight. Different performers and singers headlined the rest of the Super Bowl halftime shows. These performers included Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Madonna, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

As he announced his return to the halftime show, most of his fans and followers are excited about his on-stage performance. Last month a report from Variety teased about Timberlake's performance in the Minneapolis. According to People, the famous singer is also slated to launch his upcoming album in 2018. Despite the wardrobe malfunction of Jackson back in 2004, his fans were thrilled after learning that the former "NSYNC" singer will take to the stage once more.