K-pop star Amber Liu has been dealing with a lot of cyberbullying since her debut and recently, she added her voice to the global #MeToo campaign against sexual harassment. In her post, the f(x) member shared her own experiences with harassment and posted her hopes for a more peaceful and tolerant environment.


It can be recalled that millions came together online to shine the spotlight on the proliferation of sexual harassment. Using the hashtag #MeToo, celebrities, as well as regular people shared their experiences in the hopes of raising awareness on the severity of the problem.

In her post, Amber, who is a member of K-pop group f(x) lamented how people have become desensitized to the issue of sexual harassment and harassment in general. She said that because it has become so common, people have simply accepted it without doing anything to stop it, Billboard reported.

Amber said she found inspiration in the #MeToo campaign to call for action to prevent more people from becoming victims. She said that she hopes that her experiences and experiences of her friends could help other victims find the courage.

"As the human race, let's continue to show love, compassion, and respect towards one another,” she said.

Where’s my chest?

f(x) Amber recently used her youtube channel to hit back at her bashers with sarcasm over their mean comments.

Amber has been the subject of her androgynous appearance since she started gaining fame in the K-pop scene as part of the girl group f(x).

In the video, Amber addressed comments like how she transitioned from a K-pop star to a cringe-worthy youtuber. She turned the tables on the commenter and said that even if what he was saying was true, he was still watching her video, which still scores a point for her.

Amber also addressed criticism about her work, saying that even though she has a lot of haters, people still tune in to see her work. To further fuel the haters’ ire, she said they should look forward to many more years of her work. She subtly gave a shoutout to f(x)’s fandom MEUs whose unconditional support has propelled their group to success.

She also sarcastically addressed comments about her masculine appearance as she outlined funny reasons on how she landed a spot on her girl group.

Many of her subscribers celebrated Amber’s masterful way of shutting up naysayers and said that her humor and her intelligence are some of the reasons that they admire her even more. To check out Amber's masterpiece, watch her video below: