Justin Bieber has gone under the needle again. This time, the pop singer got the majority of his torso inked. Famous New York-based tattoo artist Bang Bang posted Bieber’s heavily-inked body on Instagram on Saturday, the 21st of October. According to him, it took roughly 26 hours over three consecutive days for the tattoo to be completed. The tattoo triggered widespread shocking reactions from Bieber’s followers, especially on Twitter, a report by People claimed. His torso tattoo consists of two angels, a skeleton, a serpent, and a shaded gate.

The singer got an “Eagle” tattoo in March (2016), followed by “Son of God," which was inked in November that year. The latest set cost Bieber nearly $64 million, an NME report states.

What Bang Bang had to say

Bang Bang clarified that Justin’s latest set of ink wasn't done to cover up the older ones. As noted by the People magazine, Justin Bieber now has “over sixty tattoos” all over his body. In an interview with E! News, Bang Bang revealed his thought process regarding Beiber’s torso ink. He said that they decided to add two angels on both sides, followed by the “dominating” devil right below them. In this case, the devil is represented by a skeleton and serpent on both sides. This represents the balance between the good and the evil in life.

The pair wanted the tattoos to be “visually contrasting” as well.

Bang Bang further stated that Beiber’s tattoo is actually a symbol of the “Gothic art and struggle” that takes place between the light and dark. These are also represented through concepts like the good and the evil in the Yin and Yang. The tattooist said that his artwork describes Bieber’s spirituality.

The celebrity singer was in touch with Bang Bang for a pretty long time, wherein they discussed the tattoo. He said that Bieber described the eagle on his torso as a “mustache on his belly,” Fox reports. He further went on to say that it “needed more” so that it didn’t look like it was “floating” in the middle of his belly.

More regarding the tattoo

According to a report by Jezebel, Bang Bang sent him a “bunch of options” after the brief text discussion. All the options were “religious” in nature, Bang Bang confirmed. The pair became better friends as Bieber spent almost three days getting his torso inked. He spoke to him about many personal details, including growing up, and his life as a singer.

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