Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth just got married months ago, and they are already expecting their first child. Fans were quick to comment on Joy-Anna's pregnancy since she is just young and she immediately conceived a few months after her wedding.

There are even rumors saying that she got pregnant before their wedding day, which is against the strict Duggar Family rule book. Some critics are pointing out that the Duggars are hiding the real age of her baby bump so that no one can figure out that the pair broke the religious beliefs of the family.

But this doesn't stop the couple from being happy as they expect their first baby.

The couple is open to having many kids

The 19-year-old reality star is happy being with her husband. Although she is not regularly posting updates about her pregnancy journey like what her sisters Jessa and Jill did, she is actually excited for the arrival of her little bundle of joy.

Romper asked Joy-Anna and Austin about the number of kids they want. Instead of stating a number, she said that she wants as many as the Lord thinks they can handle. She also said that they are putting it into the hands of God. With this, it manifests that the newlyweds are willing to have a big family like Jim Bob and Michelle.

In an Instagram post, Joy-Anna revealed that prior to their marriage, they prayed to God to give them children.

She said that they are so blessed that God has given them a baby. Having children is indeed important to Joy-Anna especially that the Duggars are open to having many kids.

Joy-Anna's pregnancy

Although Joy-Anna isn't active on social media, she still makes sure that she provides an update from time to time. Recently this month, it was revealed in the Duggars Family Blog that her pregnancy is about 18 weeks long.

Her due date will be around early March.

The soon-to-be-mom expressed her excitement to see her baby. In Instagram, she said that she cannot wait to meet her baby. She added that she can already feel the baby's kick and it felt so amazing. She also said that her baby is already the size of a bell pepper and it weighs around half a pound.

When she posted her photo showing her growing bump, her followers were divided. Some said that she is lying about the real age of her pregnancy because her baby bump is bigger than what she revealed. But there are also some fans who defended her. They believe that Joy-Anna got pregnant during her honeymoon with Austin in Geneva, Switzerland.