It looks like Justin Bieber still can't let go of his penchant for dark-haired girls. According to People, the "Sorry" singer was recently spotted on a date with "Ballers" actress Paolo Paulin. It was only a couple of months ago when the 23-year old singer decided to back out in the middle of his "Purpose" tour. Many of the fans were worried about the Canadian singer and some even noted that he was behaving quite similarly to his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, who also quit in the middle of her "Revival" tour to go into rehab. However, fans may not have to be worried about Bieber's personal life any more because it appears that he has a new inspiration in his life right now.

According to People, Justin Bieber and Paola Paulin were spotted leaving Chateau Marmont in Hollywood after a night out on Wednesday. Additional reports revealed that before the rumored couple spent the night in Chateau Marmont, they went to Justin Bieber's church located at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. According to Mirror UK, Justin Bieber is very active in Hillsong Church.

Are things getting serious?

For conservative individuals, bringing a date or potential partner to one's church usually means that things are pretty much serious between them. Religion is considered to be an integral factor in a relationship and could either make or break a couple.

Since Justin Bieber and Paola Paulin actually went to church together on Wednesday, does that mean that they are ready to take things to another level?

Is Justin Bieber already thinking about marriage? Those are just some of the burning questions that fans of Bieber are asking amid the reports of his rumored relationship with Paulin.

A breath of fresh air and a much-needed breather

According to People, when Justin Bieber decided to cancel the rest of his "Purpose" tour, the singer was in really bad shape - physically, emotionally and mentally.

He was reportedly on the brink of exhaustion and felt really miserable to the point that everyone around him supported his decision to step back from the limelight and take a much-needed break.

After quitting "Purpose" tour, Bieber began getting involved in his church and started to put back the broken pieces of his life by focusing on other aspects of his personal life. Although Justin Bieber and Paola Paulin have yet to comment on their budding relationship, fans of the former are just happy to see him happy and inspired with Paulin.