Did Austin Forsyth just confirm that he and Joy-Anna Duggar weren't married when they got pregnant? The "Counting On" star's Instagram picture and post strongly hint at that. Did the Reality TV couple's shared bachelor/bachelorette campout include premarital sex? Will Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar see their first "19 Kids and Counting" out-of-wedlock grandchild amid Josh Duggar's sex scandal?

Austin Forsyth's pregnancy update begs questions

The celebrity posted a picture of his wife's large baby bump on Facebook and it's not just maternal obesity apparently.

People had wondered if Duggar was heavier because she gained back weight she had previously lost. Austin said they had felt the baby kick, that the fetus weighed a half-pound, and that it was the size of a bell pepper. This suggests a gestational age of 20-21 weeks but the "Counting On" couple has only been married 17-18 weeks. Folks did the math and put the "19 Kids and Counting" star's due date in February, eight months after the wedding.

Doctors don't buy Joy-Anna Duggar's due date

Two celebrity doctors suggested that Duggar's baby bump is more consistent with a 24-26-week pregnancy. The fact that the "19 Kids and Counting" star is feeling movement suggests Joy-Anna Forsyth is well into her second trimester.

They concur with the earlier due date. Neither doctor has treated the "19 Kids and Counting" star and one does plastic surgery, not OB-GYN. Both spoke to Radar Online which isn't careful with Duggar Family facts.

Will the real Duggar baby bump please stand up?

Earlier, Radar Online showed Jessa Seewald's baby bump as Joy's. However, Austin's official Instagram was troubling too.

Joy-Anna was supposed to marry Austin in the fall. When the wedding was bumped to May, folks thought "unwed pregnancy." The Duggars have a weird -- for them -- habit of doing a shared bachelorette/bachelor party. The Forsyths' included a temptingly sex-conducive campout. The "Counting On" Celebrities admitted to bending Jim Bob Duggar's courtship rules.

Duggar girl is 'Teen Mom'?

Age qualifies 19-year-old Joy Duggar for "Teen Mom," but so would her possible unwed pregnancy. The reality television stars can't be deaf to premarital sex rumors. So why share info that seems to confirm it? You'd think Josh Duggar's pedophilia scandal and incest lawsuit would make the "Counting On" couple lie low. But Joy's right in there with "19 Kids and Counting" sisters Jill Duggar Dillard, Jesssa, and Jinger Duggar Vuolo, suing cops. Like the MTV "Teen Mom OG" celebrities, the Duggars seem to thrive on drama.