It's a happy day for the Duggars but a poorer one for Arkansas taxpayers. The Celebrities of "19 Kids and Counting" sued cops over their eldest son's incest--and won. A judge agreed that Washington County and Springdale investigators violated the rights of Jill Duggar, Jessa Duggar, Jinger Duggar and Joy-Anna Duggar. What remains is to determine how much the "Counting On" stars will get, and if pedophile perpetrator will profit too.

Duggar girls sue police over incest investigation

A 10-year-old police report involving sexual molestation against four Duggar Family girls was made public a few years ago.

It flushed out Josh Duggar and his parents who covered the pedophilia. "19 Kids and Counting" was pulled (the Duggars returned to TLC with "Counting On" sans Josh and Anna Duggar). No one knew but assumed who the incest victims were. The now-wed Jill Dillard, Jessa Seewald, Jinger Vuolo and Joy Forsyth sued and Jana Duggar didn't so folks knew.

Duggars' conflicting statements

The Duggars sued over the privacy of minor sexual assault victims. But "19 Kids and Counting" stars were adults when the incest report came out. Michelle Duggar claimed Josh hadn't done anything really wrong while Jim Bob Duggar hid the incest and talked police out of charging Josh. The sisters say Josh isn't a pedophile.

So why do they want it hushed? Some question why the "Counting On" celebrities want privacy when they make they make everything public on reality television, social media, and Facebook.

Duggars shield victim, blame helpers

Through the "19 Kids and Counting" sex scandal, the Duggars blamed everyone else and contradicted themselves.

The "Counting On" girls claim to want victims protected. The Twitter and Instagram stars call media, authorities and Duggar family critics "victimizers" and then defend their victimizer brother. Now even Duggar himself is playing the victim card, and the entire family may profit from it.

Duggar sisters triple dip?

Judge Tim Brooks faulted police and InTouch Weekly for releasing names under the Freedom of Information Act even though it was past the statute of limitations.

He agreed that the celebrities had been denied due process. Critics fault Brooks saying due process implies charges and Duggar wasn't arrested so the Reality TV star has no record. Records may be sealed, but police reports are public. Now Josh not only escapes punishment but could profit. The ex-"19 Kids and Counting" star is suing police for revealing his name as a minor. His case is pending resolution of his sisters'. Incest could be a money-maker for the entire Duggar family with increased "Counting On" ratings, support, and monetary damages.