Josh Altman's baby girl could arrive at any moment. On Wednesday, the "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles" star and his wife, heather altman, sat down with “Extra TV’s” Renee Bargh and spoke about their daughter's upcoming arrival.

“The contractions are happening as we speak,” Heather laughed.

Josh Altman and his wife announced their daughter's name, Alexis Kerry, on Instagram earlier this year and have continued to keep fans in the loop with Heather's pregnancy ever since. Most recently, as their fans may have seen, the Altmans celebrated the impending birth of Alexis with a party on Instagram, where they shared several photos of themselves and Heather's substantial baby bump.

Josh and Heather Altman are so excited about becoming parents

“I have a built-in best friend for life now, and Josh just doubled the trouble,” Heather said about her daughter. Meanwhile, Altman added, “There’s going to be a little girl running around that is going to be very, very spoiled.”

While pregnancy isn't always glamorous, Heather has embraced her growing belly and recently participated in a photo shoot in which she was seen standing topless with her husband at her side. As she explained, Heather is proud of every inch and curve of her pregnant body and wanted to document her body's changes.

Josh Altman joined the cast of 'MDL: LA' during the series' 4th season

Altman began starring on "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles" during the show's 4th season and quickly butted heads with his co-star and fellow agent, Madison Hildebrand, who was working with Heather at the time.

Then, as the seasons continued, Altman's relationship with Heather progressed and ultimately, after an on-camera engagement in the Hollywood Hills, the co-stars tied the knot during a wedding ceremony in Aspen, Colorado.

To see more of Josh Altman and his growing family, don't miss the premiere of “Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles” season 10 later this year on Bravo TV. A premiere date for the new season has not yet been announced.