While it seems the Duggar family is almost always involved in something controversial, recently Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, made almost all of their fans happy by promoting something that wasn't necessarily Christian-oriented. The couple took to the Duggar Family's official Facebook page to promote Jeremy's mother's charity, Swan 4 Kids.

Jinger and Jeremy explain the charity

Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, made a short video that was posted to the Duggar family's Facebook page about Jeremy's mother's charity.

The charity itself is music-centered, which is especially close to Jinger's heart. Those who have been fans of the Duggar family shows "19 Kids and Counting" and "Counting On" will know that the Duggar children are all incredibly musical and were brought up learning to play the violin and piano. Jinger has mentioned this before when discussing Swan 4 Kids.

Swan 4 Kids is a charity that was created to help children of incarcerated parents. According to their statistics, children of incarcerated parents are also likely to end up in jail or prison themselves, and having something to focus on helps them stay out of trouble. Jinger and Jeremy shared the personal stories of some of the children affected by the program and even stated that one of them developed her singing voice and went on to perform at the couple's wedding.

Jeremy's other controversies

While fans of the Duggar family were thrilled to hear about this amazing charity and its work, others have not been so thrilled with Jeremy's opinions on the LGBT community. Jeremy has stated that he feels that homosexuality is becoming more tolerated in today's society because of a push for more acceptance, and he doesn't think that is right.

He stated in a recent sermon at his church that he felt that it was not loving to tolerate this sin, as God himself does not tolerate a homosexual couple. He has also bashed other pastors who have decided to marry LGBT couples, saying that this is against God's will and they should not entertain the idea.

Jeremy and Jinger are known as the most "liberal" couple on the show, mostly because Jinger has transitioned to wearing pants and sees some movies that aren't Christian. She and Jeremy have also not yet announced a pregnancy, even though in the Duggar family, most women let the world know they are expecting about three months after their wedding.