Jinger Duggar, famous for being one of the older siblings in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's mega brood, has always been taught to live a thrifty lifestyle. This is made apparent by her father, Jim Bob, whose debt free mantra has always been, "Buy used and save the difference." However, Jinger and her husband, Jeremy, faced some heat recently as they were shown sleeping on a plane. But it wasn't just any part of the plane the two were flying in. They were traveling first class, something many fans and critics took severe issue with.

Sitting pretty in first class

Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger's "rebel" husband, pictured next to his wife as they slept in first class on the way to visit Jeremy's family on the East Coast from their home in Laredo, Texas. Fans were quick to point out that Jinger's father had taught her to be more thrifty with money than she was in the photo, as first class seats can cost upwards of 10 times more than those in economy. Some said that the pair chose the first class seats for the comfort of Jeremy's aging parents, as they needed something a bit more comfortable and stable to support them. Others simply said that the pair were being frivolous with their money and that they should, instead, be more humble and sit in economy the way Jinger is used to traveling.

Some fans quickly came to their defense, one stating, "Why not pay for extra legroom if they can (sic). It’s ridiculous that anyone thinks they can “call them out” for not flying the stuffed in like sardine class."

Jinger slammed for not having a job

While Jinger Duggar doesn't have a conventional job, the young bride does get paid for her appearances on "Counting On." She also receives royalties from the books she has written with her sisters.

Recently, however, she was slammed, online, for skipping work and attending a movie with her husband in the middle of the day. She posted a photo of her husband at a movie theater screening in the afternoon on a Monday.She said she was surprised they were the only ones in the theater and that they got a private showing of the Christian film they had come to see.

Many critics were quick to remind Jinger that most people have conventional jobs that do not allow them to go see movies in the afternoon during the week. While Jinger's job is unconventional, her husband supports her by working as a pastor at one of the local churches in Laredo, Texas. It is likely that since he works on Sundays, he was able to get Monday off.