Jenelle Evans is throwing a tantrum about the “Teen Mom 2” episode that aired last night. The footage is from roughly two months ago around the time they took photos for their “Save The Date.” It is widely known that several of the moms and dads from the franchise have complained about MTV and editing. However, there are some things that are clearly not edited.

The scene in question

During the first few minutes of “Teen Mom 2” last night, Jenelle Evans and David Eason were supposed to be filmed. Earlier in the day, he was filmed painting the date on the fence where they were taking pictures for the “save the date.” When the MTV crew back to film, Evans refused to film because the two were arguing.

She texted the crew that Eason was cursing and being mean, and then he texted them to leave or the police would be called.

When the crew returned the next day, the tension was high. It looked like Jenelle Evans was afraid to talk to the cameras when asked about the fight the day before. David Eason was agitated with the questioning and took off. This is where things get dicey. Evans even lied to Jace about why the photos weren't taken when they were supposed to have been. Fans have been wondering whether or not this was an abusive relationship and now, they are sounding off about the whole thing on social media.

Jenelle threatens to quit 'Teen Mom 2'

In true Jenelle Evans fashion, she freaked out about how the show portrayed her relationship.

She had been texting the MTV people and going off about them. Evans is accusing them of heavily editing the footage to make her marriage look like a joke. They two weren't married when all of this went down, and now, she is threatening to walk away. Everything played out on social media, screenshots and all. It is unclear whether or not Evans is serious about quitting “Teen Mom 2.” According to People, Jenelle Evans says that once they start treating her with respect, she will return.

Right now, it is unknown if the show is filming or not since the current season is airing.

The “Teen Mom 2” reunion will be filmed at some point and it will be interesting to see what happens with Jenelle's segment. It is already known that Kailyn Lowry won't be in attendance because of her newest child being so little. Evans is all about vacations and time away from the kids, so she may show up. Whether or not the scenes were heavily edited isn't the question fans were concerned about, they want to know about David Eason's anger issues.