Jenelle Evans is currently getting tired of what people have to say about her life. Over the past couple of years, viewers have said a lot of things about the "Teen Mom 2" star and she seems to shake off the majority of the harsh comments. Evans has revealed that she's good at blocking people on social media, including people who tend to write harsh comments about her, her marriage, and her kids. But Evans recently decided to delete her Twitter account because she didn't want to deal with the backlash of an episode of "Teen Mom 2." During the episode, she and David were trying to take photos of their wedding date announcement, but Kaiser was crying in the background, revealing he was hungry.

Even though Evans has deleted her Twitter account, Jenelle is still active on other social networks. She has shared content on Instagram, including an adorable photo of little Ensley. Evans has revealed she has a love for Alfredo, so she may have thought it was awesome when Ensley enjoyed the same thing at a restaurant. According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans still faced backlash when she shared photos of Ensley.

Babies and cows milk

Of course, newborn babies can't have cows milk. Babies, in general, are developing all the time and their bodies can't handle the protein in cows milk until they are at least one. Evans' daughter Ensley is about eight months old, so she isn't quite at the threshold.

However, Jenelle can offer Ensley Alfredo Sauce because the milk has been cooked. Even though people slammed her for offering her baby this food, one person did come to her defense.

"They can't have straight cows milk. But the milk in Alfredo sauce is cooked. It's fine. It will not harm her. There are many food items that are made with milk that babies can have," one person wrote to Jenelle who shared the photo of Ensley eating Alfredo sauce while out dining at a restaurant.

Fans worried about abuse

After last night's episode of "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle Evans is facing questions about her husband David Eason. On the show, David was angry and he grabbed Kaiser by the arm and dragged him along the ground as he was crying out for food. In another disturbing scene, he denied fighting with Jenelle even though she had texted producers that he was putting her down all the time. Her denials didn't sit well with viewers.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans' fans still slamming her for offering Ensley Alfredo sauce? Do you think she's being treated unfairly by her fans?