Jenelle Evans announced that she would be leaving Twitter behind after MTV decided to air a very dramatic episode with her and her husband. On that particular episode of "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle's husband David grabbed her son Kaiser's arm in an aggressive manner and pulled him across the property as he wouldn't stop screaming. David clearly had a short fuse and he had no desire to deal with this toddler. MTV added the subtitles, "Feed me!", suggesting that Jenelle and David were not giving him any food and simply letting him starve. Evans was furious and she lashed back out at the network.

Evans argued that he had some speech issues and that he was just acting out that particular day. She also felt that it was wrong for the network to make it seem like she was ignoring her son and that David was abusing him. Viewers were rattled, especially since Evans deleted her Twitter account in protest.

Car troubles

Jenelle Evans recently posted a photo of her car, revealing that it was the worst car she's ever bought. She opened up about how she lives in the country and how the car is constantly breaking down on her, putting her in some dangerous Situations. Even though she may have been overreacting, it sounds like Jenelle isn't happy that her car is constantly breaking down, leaving her and her kids stranded in all kinds of weird places.

She revealed that the car was currently on her property but slammed the company for putting her in these situations.

Fans would disagree

Even though Jenelle feels that the car is causing her much trouble and is the result of her frustration these days, fans would argue that her being married to David presents a much more dangerous situation.

Many fans have called his anger management into question and some of her fans are even writing things on her social media accounts, including that they wouldn't be surprised if she showed up dead.

Her followers truly believe that David is a dangerous man because he seems to have abusive tendencies. Jenelle, on the other hand, has denied that David is abusive towards her, and she claims they are happier than ever.

Maybe she feels that he's just misunderstood as the network seems to catch him on his bad days.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans' post about being in dangerous situations? Do you think her marriage should be considered a dangerous situation, as she's dating someone with an anger problem? Do you think it's disturbing that she's distanced herself from the public after marrying him?