Leah Messer is currently taking care of her three daughters all by herself. After getting a divorce from Jeremy Calvert a few years ago, Messer stepped up her co-parenting efforts with both of her ex-husbands and it sounds like she's been able to find a happy place with them both. But as time flies, her twin daughters are growing up. On "Teen Mom 2," Fans are seeing how Aleeah is blaming herself for Ali's condition, as Ali struggles with muscular dystrophy. Despite her efforts to remove the guilt from her daughter's mind, Leah was surprised to hear that her daughter carries around so many bad feelings of guilt for her sister's condition.

But aside from the guilt, Aleeah is actually a healthy and happy young girl. On social media, Leah is sharing more current photos and videos of her daughters and it sounds like Aleeah has a lot of energy. Aleeah, also frequently called Grace by her mother, is often showing her goofy side in photos and videos. This is causing some people to question whether she's going to be a handful when she becomes a teenager.

Raising teenage twins

Maybe Leah Messer already knows that her twins are going to be a handful. Maybe she already realizes that she needs to stay focused if she's going to be able to control her twin daughters. On Instagram recently, one person asked Leah if she thought that her daughter Aleeah was going to be a handful when she's a teenager.

Leah didn't respond, but one can imagine she's already thinking about how her daughters are going to be once they grow up.

Of course, fans of the show get to see much of the girls. Even though the show is about Leah becoming a young mother to these twin girls and following her life as a young mother, there are still some elements of her story that don't include the girls.

Plus, Leah and her ex-husbands may want to shield the girls from all of the fame and publicity that they would receive if they were indeed part of the public eye.

No social media

Even though the girls are still very young, one can imagine that Leah and her ex-husbands going to be strict in terms of social media. They all get negative comments from fans and some of them can be downright harsh.

Fans have often told her that she's a horrible mother and that she makes horrible decisions for her daughters. One can imagine that Messer doesn't want her daughters to read these kinds of comments about themselves, and get low self-esteem because of it.

What do you think about Aleeah becoming a handful when she's a teenager?