Tonight in Tulsa, Oklahoma Jason Aldean put on his first show since the attack in Las Vegas at Route 91 Harvest. Blasting News got the chance to be there first hand and see Jason perform. The show started out with opening acts Kane Brown and Chris Young. As soon as Jason hit the stage, he performed for a bit and then felt like it was time to speak out about being back on the stage.

Jason thanks the fans

As you can see in the YouTube video below, Jason Aldean didn't hold back at all tonight in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jason explains that it has been about a week and a half since they were all last on stage.

The only performance he has done is his song on "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend.

He thanked the fans for coming tonight and said that they were going to help them get through it as well. Jason was glad that they were able to keep the tour going after what happened in Las Vegas just less than two weeks ago. He went on to explain that he hopes that nobody there ever experiences anything like that in their life.

Jason doesn't hold back

After that, Aldean went on and didn't hold back. He explained that he thinks about the 58 people who lost their lives and he doesn't count that one a**hole who was doing the shooting in Las Vegas. He shared that their thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was there and he realizes that it will be a mental thing for people who were there.

Jason Aldean had one thing he wanted to do tonight and that was give the fans a fun show. Jason said that it has been really cool to see all of the love and support going on and he feels like the world would be a lot better place if everyone could do that on a daily basis. Jason Aldean isn't going to let anyone hold him back or live in fear.

He wants everyone to go out and do what they want to do and have a fun time. Jason then threw out a F bomb and didn't hold back at all on his thoughts.

After this speech, Jason Aldean went on to just have fun show and give the crowd a show they would never forget. Jason says he has always wanted people to forget about their problems for a few hours while at his show and that is what he wanted to do tonight, too.

He went on with the show the rest of the night and performed not talking about it again until close to the end.

Toward the end, Jason explained that they wanted to do a show, but they didn't even have all of their equipment and they were using different guitars due to their stuff still being in Las Vegas. This was one Jason Aldean show I am glad I didn't end up missing!