Millennials thrive on taking a new twist on vintage classics and the hit 1950's comic book series "Archie" is a perfect example. The comics were adapted into a television show for the CW and the pilot took off. The 1950's influence spanned across many aspects of the show, costuming and turns of phrase particularly struck Fans. While Archie is referred to as a swell guy he plays quite the womanizer. And considering the apple usually doesn't fall far from the tree It's only fitting that his father is played by Luke Perry, the original bad boy of "Beverly Hills 90210," Dylan McKay.

Another actor that was very well known in the 80's is Molly Ringwald who also made an appearance last season as Archies mother. A more recently know celebrity fans quickly realized was Cole Sprouse making his return to television.

So, what happened?

Last season "Riverdale" was shaken by the death of football superstar Jason Blossom. The murder mystery stretched throughout the season with family drama and hookups taking over the drama the majority of the time. Starting off the season with a potential love triangle between Archie, Betty, and Veronica, the plot took an interesting twist with the involvement of Archies music teacher. While she only lasted a few episodes her influence on Archie and his music carried on throughout the rest of the season.

Not surprising considering the original comic book series had a heavy music influence. In fact, it spawned the now famous "Josie and the Pussycats." Veronica showed off her vocal skills this past season as well, so it makes sense that by the end of the season she and Archie end up together.

What about Betty?

Don't feel too bad for Betty, she found love with Jughead who seemed to finally find his place once he was officially labeled the outcast he'd always perceived himself to be.

Fans were on the edge of their seat after Jug received his invitation to join the southside serpents in the form of a leather jacket.

The only character with a more tumultuous family than Jughead is Cheryl Blossom. The season ended with the discovery of what really happened to her twin brother Jason. Not wanting to take over the family maple syrup business after falling in love Jasons father murdered Jason in cold blood.

Come to find out, the family business was a front for drugs.

However, the biggest plot twist came in the season's finals moments when Archies father was shot at Pop's, everyone's favorite restaurant. And that's not all, get caught up on all of the last seasons' drama before the show premieres Wednesday, October 11.