Dakota Johnson has been making headlines since she started playing the BDSM role in the “Fifty Shades” franchise as Anastasia Steele with Irish actor Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. She’s been one of the most talk-of-the-town stars in Hollywood and her love life is one thing that people want to know more about. Recently, she was photographed talking to her ex-boyfriend Matthew Hitt, in New York City with some friends and fans started to wonder if she has rekindled their broken relationship. However, it seems that the award-winning actress has some romance secrets that she doesn’t want us to know just yet.

So, who is she dating at this time?

Dakota’s love affairs

On Tuesday Night, Dakota Johnson made headlines yet again after she was spotted having a sushi dinner in Los Angeles with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. It happened less than two weeks after she was seen grabbing some wine at a hotel close to Central Park in New York City on October 5 with actor Jon Hamm. Now, fans are confused as to who she’s actually dating. Is it the band vocalist or the “Mad Men” actor? Either way, fans are thrilled whether Martin or Hamm managed to capture the heart of the 28-year-old actress.

Dakota and Chris

The “Fifty Shades” alum was in a relationship with Matthew Hitt, the guitarist and vocalist of American-Welsh rock band The Downers.

However, reports claim that they eventually broke up in 2016 in the middle of her romance rumors with Jamie Dornan, who’s married to English musician Amelia Warner. Now that she was recently spotted with Chris Martin, fans believe that she might have a thing for musicians, particularly for vocalists. The frontman has uncoupled from actress and singer Gwyneth Paltrow, after 13 years of being married.

They share two kids – Apple and Moses.

Dakota and Jon

It wasn’t the first time that the actress was spotted with Jon Hamm. In April 2017, they were photographed together at the 70th birthday celebration of Sir Elton John. Earlier this month, a source told Page Six that they seemed to have enjoyed each other’s company while having wine at a hotel.

The insider went on to say that it was a “low-key” date, where they chilled for a couple of hours. In 2015, the 46-year-old actor separated ways from his partner of 18 years, actress Jennifer Westfeldt.

Who do you think that Dakota Johnson is dating? Is it Chris Martin or Jon Hamm? Or perhaps, they’re just her good friends? What’s your hunch?