An increasing number of women have come out since Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment a few days ago. Earlier reports stated the allegations dated back nearly three decades ago. Many celebrities have also spoken up to share their experiences with the movie mogul.

Among those who have broken their silence was Gwyneth Paltrow, who recalled how the producer tried to lure her into his hotel room after he offered her the lead role for "Emma" in 1996. During the encounter, Harvey Weinstein reportedly placed his hands on the actress and asked her to give him a massage in the bedroom.

Actress speaks up amid Weinstein scandal

The "Shakespeare in Love" star told her then-boyfriend, Brad Pitt, about the incident. The actor reportedly confronted the producer and warned him to keep his distance from the actress. After the story came out, a source revealed what happened during the confrontation two decades ago.

According to Hollywood Life, the "Fight Club" actor threatened that the producer would face the consequences if he would ever take advantage of Gwyneth Paltrow again.

Although his career was at stake, Brad Pitt still manned up and protected his then-girlfriend from the movie mogul. “It was a time when Brad [Pitt] was not a well-established, big star in the film industry," the source said.

"Therefore, he had a lot to lose by speaking to [Harvey] Weinstein about his behavior toward Gwyneth [Paltrow].”

Since he confronted the award-winning producer for his sexual misconduct against the actress, Brad Pitt tried not to work with Harvey Weinstein until he accepted the lead role for 2009 film "Inglourious Basterds" executive produced by the Weinstein siblings.

The actor, however, tried to keep his interaction with the producer minimal due to avoid tension.

Celebrities respond to ongoing issue of producer's sexual assault allegations

Aside from Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie also claimed the movie mogul tried to make "unwanted advances" on her during the release of "Playing by Heart" in 1998.

The incident has made the actress to decide that she will never work with Harvey Weinstein again in the future. The actress also admitted that she had warned others about the producer's behavior towards women following the incident.

Meanwhile, the producer in question has been fired from the studio he co-founded with his brother, Robert, as the number of complainants continued to rise since the news broke over the weekend.