Netflix plans to invest an additional $7 billion in order to add more content to its streaming services. HBO CEO Richard Plepler apparently has a better idea. Talking to CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Tuesday, Plepler said that "more is not always better" and that Netflix should concentrate on creating quality shows. In his interview, he took pride in HBO's trademark in providing good shows instead of filling the network with additional content.

"It is very hard to create outstanding content, and we think we have a good record of doing that very, very well.

We're not trying to create the most, we're trying to create excellence across our categories - and we have more than the resources necessary to do that," he said. He further noted that there's a lot of brands that compete to join networks like Netflix but HBO has been the home of quality shows. There are no mediocre listings and definitely none of the second-grade fillers just to have a hefty list of shows.

Netflix and its string of shows

Netflix Originals are shows that are not available to watch anywhere other than on their streaming site. Obviously, the network pays a lot to get exclusive rights to these shows. But this is not where Plepler is leading HBO and he has a very good reason not to do so.

He believes that the only way to get better in the business is "to be better."

HBO on the cost of exclusive programming

Richard Plepler, on the other hand, doesn't deny the fact that HBO spends money to produce shows in such a way that they wound up with an outstanding programming ahead of its competitors. The CEO wants their viewers to know that when they're watching HBO, they are assured of quality programming.

Meanwhile, Netflix announced 29 new originals to its lineup beginning this October. For this month, the titles include:

  • "Rodney Carrington: Here Comes The Truth"
  • "Bonus Family (Bonusfamiljen): Season 1"
  • "ID-0: Season 1""Skylanders Academy: Season 2"
  • "Suburra: Season 1"
  • "The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson"
  • "Word Party: Season 3"
  • "Christina P: Mother Inferior"
  • "Fe de etarras"
  • "El Especial de Alex Fernández

Richard Plepler discloses that HBO was able to maintain excellent programming with just about $2 billion last year.

Admittedly, he also said that programming rights are getting more expensive but he's confident that contributions from the four major Hollywood studios helped them thrive in the business. Apparently, HBO is not a cheapskate in areas where they need to improve.