Star Trek: Discovery” is finally returned in the form of television series. According to a report by Gizmodo, the season premiered earlier last month. With three episodes already out, “Star Trek: Discovery” has managed to gain abundant viewership. The promo for the fourth episode was recently made available online. Most of the characters in the show are pretty interesting. There’s depth to their origin story. It is rumored that the “Star Trek: Discovery” season 1 will have 9-episodes. The show has a number of iconic characters.

First Officer Michael Burnham

Show-runners have cast actress, Sonequa Martin-Green as the one to play First Officer Michael Burnham on “Star Trek: Discovery.” She is best known for her roles as Sasha Williams and Tamara in The Walking Dead,” and “Once Upon A Time,” respectively. She is also the first black actress to play the lead in any of the “Star Trek” series. According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, Martin-Green will continue to shoot for “The Walking Dead.” She is set to appear on both the shows.

Captain Phillipa Georgiou

Actor Michelle Yeoh has been hired to play the role of Captain Georgiou. The character has been the leader of Starship Shenzhou since its inception. Speculations mentioned by Den of Geek claim that Georgiou plays a very important role in altering the future of the show.


According to a report by Deadline, Chris Obi has been hired to play the role of T’Kuvma. T’Kuvma is the leader of the Klingon clan and also Kol’s mentor. The actor is best known for his roles in “American Gods,” and movie, “Snow White and The Huntsman.”

Lt. Saru

Lt. Saru is a new character added to the “Star Trek” series.

Actor, Doug Jones is expected to play the role of this science officer. He is not human but belongs to an alien species that show up for the first time. It is believed that he will be an ally to the human race. Jones is especially known for his role in “Pan’s Labyrinth.”

Lieutenant Stamets

Anthony Rapp of “The Rent” fame has been hired to play Lt.

Stamets in the show. He is a fungus expert – which is one of the main reasons why he is even present with the rest of the important scientists. Another interesting characteristic of Lt. Stamets is that he is openly gay. He will also be accompanied by actor, Wilson Cruz who will be playing the role of his partner. As noted by Entertainment Weekly, Stamets will be the key to Starfleet’s conflict.