Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey is the latest in the line of celebrities to accuse filmmaker, Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct. According to Independent, Headey published a five-page-long post, detailing out how and when she met the fallen director. The actress posted these on both, her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Interactions with Harvey Weinstein

According to Hollywood Reporter, the actress spoke about the only two times that she had interacted with Weinstein. Headey said that the first one took place when “The Brothers Grimm” launched at the sixty-second Venice Film Festival back in 2005.

She revealed that Harvey had asked her to walk with him to the waterfront. Towards the beginning, they only spoke about film and film-making. But there came a point where Harvey stopped and suddenly made an unexpected suggestive comment. He accompanied this comment with a gesture. The actress said that she did not see that coming and was “genuinely in shock.” Headey began thinking that it was a joke and said that she wouldn’t in a “million years” consider doing what Harvey had suggested. The “Game of Thrones” actress then said that she never appeared in any of the other Miramax films thereafter. The actress was led to believe that such a thing would never happen again.

What had happened?

According to Variety, a couple of years later Headey and Harvey met again in Los Angeles.

It was a “more personal” meeting with him. She had met him over breakfast. They discussed their professional life, but Harvey suddenly began questioning Headey about her love life. She attempted at diverting the conversation towards something “less personal.” When the discussion ended, Harvey stood up and went to the loo. After coming back, he asked Headey to join him to his hotel room by saying that he has a script that she might be interested in.

The actress then said that as soon as they entered the lift, the “energy shifted,” and she found herself to be on “high alert.” She doesn’t know what came into her, but she expressed herself clearly to Harvey, saying that nothing was going to happen between them.

Harvey was visibly angry at the comment, the actress revealed.

They walked to his room, and his key wasn’t working. This made him even angrier. He silently walked Headey back to her car and whispered in her ear, telling her not to talk about this encounter with anyone. Headey finally concluded her post saying that she sat in the car, and immediately began crying.