For a TV series to have success, it has to have a spectacular antagonist. When it comes to "'Game of Thrones," that part of the registered has been occupied either by a rogue side (House Lannister) or a phantasmagoric character like the Night King and that scary Army of the Dead. Although the origins of this particular character were put under a microscope for a million times, there is no general consensus about the true identity. That simply lands the ball in the speculatory field where every shred of logic is being deconstructed and reassimilated into another form or theory.

Those glimpses from the past picture the Children of the Forest stabbing a certain man in his heart using the Dragonstone, the same item that can kill those reanimated corpses. But, the mere act of creation offers zero clues about that man's identity.

The Night King's real identity may not be that important

The whole 'Game of Thrones' narrative thread is constructed around the idea of some sort of doomsday, a moment in the future when all the living beings will have to pay for their sins. At some level, the Night King represents just that, an entity that can go through time to deliver the ultimate punishment which is death. Being the leader of the Army of Dead, the character possesses some unique features as it is revealed throughout the seasons.

The unique attribute is that the fire can't harm his persona. Basically, he is the only death's representative immune to this weapon.

Leading a huge heard of freshly-reanimated bodies, this evil character has some lieutenants too, the White Walkers. While his chief mates appeared from the beginning, the ultimate villain had the first scene in the Season 4.

Even from that point on, the Army of the Dead and the threat it represents for Westeros is being treated as a secondary narrative with no real focus on it.

Bran Stark may be the key to unlock the Night King puzzle

The Season 7 finale saw the leader of the dead riding on the back of a reanimated Vyserion, one of Daenerys' dragons.

Charging that blue ice blaze against the great Wall ultimately facilitated the entry into Westeros for the Army of the Dead. A majestic scene with the Night King supervising his army from above ended the Season 7.

As the Night King got in touch with Bran Stark, now the Three-Eyed Raven, there might a chance to have Ned Stark's son as the one who holds the strings of the entire action. His ability to see back in the past may unlock the mystery that stands behind the Night King's identity. There are some theories that have Bran Stark as the Night King himself.

The first seven seasons put up a vivid picture of a decadent universe filled with immorality, betrayal, a vicious environment that now faces the prospect of total extinction.

The Night King may be the seen as an entity who delivers the final punishment or just another villain who sets the bar of evil even higher. Season 8 is expected to answer to all these burning questions.