There have been a lot of theories surrounding Game of Thrones Season 8, which is months or years away from now. However, that doesn’t keep fans from being thrilled as to what the show has in store for us. Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on the show, previously revealed that there will be a lot of major characters to get killed in the final season. Fans of Samwell Tarly (John Bradley West) hope that he will not be part of the casualties that will apparently turn into a White Walker. Despite being a coward, he bravely took the step in curing Jorah Mormont’s infectious disease called Greyscale.

The big discovery

John Bradley West recently spoke with the Huff Post, providing more information for the upcoming installment of “Game of Thrones.” We can recall when fans were upset that Sam took the credit on his girlfriend’s massive discovery about Jon Snow’s parents. The actor explained that Sam wasn’t actually taking the credit from Gilly about her discovery. He said that his character was unaware of it as he is like a radio where he picks up bits of information and processes them if need be. He went on to say that the Tarly guy is just good at dealing with information and his subconscious is great at doing it without even thinking.

Sam was oblivious

He further explained that Sam was even unaware of where he actually picked up the information.

Gilly (Hannah Murray) found out at the Citadel that Rhaegar Targaryen divorced Elia Martell and married Lyanna Stark. From that information, she then discovered that Rhaegar and Lyanna both shared a son named Aegon. Apparently, that son is Jon Snow, making him the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Moreover, West also said that it’s not just the event that Samwell seemed to have taken credit on Gilly’s discovery but Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen) has done the same thing.

Sam was NOT credited

West went on to say that even Jorah Mormont did not tell Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) that Samwell Tarly was the one who bravely healed his terminal disease greyscale. “He’s not gone back there name-checking Sam for saving his life,” the actor said. “He’s not mentioned the name Samwell Tarly to Jon Snow or Daenerys, so Sam’s not getting his credit there for something he actually did.” So, we can guess that the actor was trying to say that everything in between is just in “the right amount.”

What’s your hunch about Samwell Tarly’s works on “Game of Thrones”? Will he be able to get credit for healing Jorah Mormont at the Citadel?