Fredrik Eklund has revealed that he's expecting twins through a surrogate. He announced the news on the season finale of "Million Dollar Listing New York" and he was so excited that he broke down crying. Derek Kaplan had taken charge of the entire surrogacy issue because Fredrik revealed he was saddened by their previous miscarriages. Eklund revealed that he was so heartbroken after losing several possible babies as their surrogates kept miscarrying the pregnancies. After switching everything up, it sounds like this "Million Dollar Listing" star will become a father soon enough.

He shared the pregnancy news in April, which means they could be welcoming the twins this month or in November.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund is now revealing they are doing everything that expecting parents are doing. Fredrik has revealed that they have shopped for clothing and decorated the home for the twins. And this weekend, Fredrik Eklund revealed that they had a Baby shower. He didn't open up about the shower on social media, possibly because he's filming "Million Dollar Listing," but it sounds like this was a private affair.

Celebrating the babies

On Instagram, Eklund revealed that he was grateful to be celebrating the baby shower as his twins will be arriving soon.

He has revealed that he and Derek are expecting a baby girl and a baby boy. He will get his daughter Milla, a girl he has always dreamed about, but he has also a boy coming. Derek revealed that they should call him Freddy Jr to celebrate Fredrik and his desire to become a father.

Of course, Derek already has a son. He donated his sperm to a lesbian couple years ago.

While he is his biological father, Kai doesn't live with him. However, he does visit his father in New York, as Kai's mothers are living in London. Before Fredrik becomes a father, he is a step-father to little Kai as well.

He's wanted babies for a long time

Fredrik Eklund is super excited about becoming a father, especially since he has waited years for this.

This reality star started the process years ago, but it has failed several times. It's clear that Fredrik really wants to experience the joys of fatherhood. He has opened up about this emotional process on "Million Dollar Listing New York," but one can imagine that fans will see a new Fredrik on the show when the show returns next spring.

What do you think about Fredrik Eklund's baby shower? Do you think he's super excited about the baby shower? Why do you think he has kept the due date private?