Jeff Lewis is currently wrapping up this season of "Flipping Out" and fans have seen what life is like for Jeff with a baby. On the previous season, Lewis revealed he was super excited about becoming a father and he was nervous about possibly missing out on the birth. Lewis revealed that he kept having nightmares about missing the birth and he was nervously planning flights. However, Monroe was born without any complications and she was great on the flight back home to California. But on "Flipping Out," Jeff revealed that becoming a father was much tougher than he expected.

The "Flipping Out" star revealed that he could be open to another baby. While the first couple of months with his baby girl were rough, he never closed the door on another child. In fact, he and gage edwards have already planned to have another baby and they are possibly having a boy. According to a new report, Jeff Lewis and Gage are talking about it but they haven't started the process yet. In other words, there's no reason to celebrate another positive pregnancy test these days.

Already plans for another child

"We have five frozen embryos," Lewis recently revealed about their plans to have another baby in a recent interview, adding, "The next baby will be Gage's embryo, and his strongest embryo is a boy.

So hopefully we're gonna have a boy."

It sounds like they are planning on having a boy, which would be nice. They could have one of each and they may find that fun, as they would have two different experiences. Despite being able to pick the gender, it sounds like they aren't banking on having a boy. The two would be glad if they had another girl.

It sounds like they just want another baby, healthy and happy.

Rough first time around

When Jeff Lewis announced that he would be open for another baby on "Flipping Out," the producers asked him if he was open to another baby with colic. Jeff revealed that it had been so bad the first time around that no one could give him such a bad experience again.

Surely, he didn't feel like he deserved another bad round. Monroe had colic and screamed for the first couple of months. Gage was clearly struggling to make it work, as he was constantly checking on the baby and he was so nervous that something was wrong. Hopefully, they will have an easier time with baby number two. Perhaps their pregnancy journey will be featured on the next season of "Flipping Out."

What do you think about Jeff Lewis having another baby?