Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) is back though it may not be a happy reunion with Team Flash. In the last episode, the team came across Kilg%re/ Ramsey Deacon (Dominic Burgess) who gave Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) a tough workout. More importantly, a serious question that needs to be answered is where he came from.

Barry and Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) tried to get some answers from Kilg%re after he was surrendered to the Iron Heights’ metahuman wing. It was here where Deacon revealed that he was not the only metahuman who got his powers that way, meaning there are more threats Barry will have to deal with.

Wells, the bearer of bad news

With Barry and Jesse clueless on what Deacon revealed, answers are expected from Wells of Earth-2. He will officially make his debut and have the answers Team Flash is seeking. According to TV Line, Harry will join in and help the team with its latest case. Wells will eventually uncover the reason, termed as chilly and literally big.

The term chilly can be immediately associated with Caitlyn Snow/ Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker). When season 4 of “The Flash” started, Caitlyn found a way to control her evil self. She has not revealed to anyone how she was able to do it though there seems to be someone else behind it.

The people at the bar where she has curiously been holed up provides viewers with some clues, most likely the one behind the new metahumans out to give Flash and his team problems.

'Literally big' or something big?

The other term used is “literally big.” It could refer to one metahuman or perhaps a group. Towards the end of episode two, The Thinker (Neil Sandilands) was once again in the spotlight and mentioned something about finding the others. If this is what “literally big” means, the Scarlett Speedster may end up dealing with multiple foes.

Is Flash bug-free?

When season 4 of "Flash" opened, Barry was scribbling unusual symbols on walls. Cisco did try to decrypt it but ended with a senseless translation (This house is B*tchin).

The translation could be one of two ways. One is that Cisco may have decoded it wrong or that it is a signal of sorts tied up to other metahumans.

Also, would this be tied up with the Thinker? What if Barry ends up being infected as well by the advancements in technology which Kilg%re was able to do?

For now, it would be best to see what Wells will stumble upon. Someone is behind the rise of metahumans infected outside the radius of Central City, a diabolical twist that should be revealed in the coming episodes.