With season 4 of “The Flash” approaching, most are pondering on the things that may happen. Most are keeping tabs on how Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will return from the Speed Force dilemma and others figuring out who steps in for Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh).

In a previous post, it was mentioned that Julian Albert (Tom Felton) will no longer be a regular. So how about his botched romance with Caitlyn Snow/ Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker)? With her role now centered on the icy villain, most are wondering how often they would see the former member of Team Flash.

Panabaker assures fans won’t be disappointed?

Apparently, one key change is the new lease of Caitlyn Snow. With the multiple earths also a factor, there is no telling when Killer Frost will come out and obviously give his former comrades headaches.

Whatever plans the producers have in mind, Panabaker assures that fans won’t be disappointed. There may be stories to tell – including how Caitlyn is torn when it comes to her good and bad side.

For those who followed her story last season, there were controlling factors that kept Killer Frost in control. These included a bracelet and a necklace which Julian eventually took out in an effort to save Snow.

There were consequences and apparently that was the transformation to Killer Frost.

Somehow, there were glimpses of the old Caitlyn seen though the evil side of her overwhelmed all that.

Identity crisis

Moving forward, it seems that Panabaker’s role will be the Killer Frost persona sans the flashbacks when she was still an instrumental part of Team Flash. So from here, it would all be about how she completely evolves to the dark side plus the alliances she is likely to have with other reigning evil doers.

While the focus will obviously be on the Flash, that story could be something to watch out for. There could be some reboots within the series, most digging on Caitlyn’s past. But with Flashpoint altering the timeline, that dig back in history may be a bit tricky with plenty of angles to consider.

To date, most only know that Caitlyn got her powers when the particle accelerator exploded.

Curiously, none of that cropped up in the original timeline. The altered state did jump a bit, meaning there were sequences missing. With that gray area, showrunners could come up with something to tell parts of Caitlyn Snow and her love life struggles (as well as managing that evil side she has been keeping inside).

The Flash” Season 4 returns on Oct. 10, 2017, on CW.