Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook has released a new service for their customers. Due to the influx of users looking for food venues, the company decided to create a new way for users to access food. They have added a new feature called "order Food" which directs users to their favorite restaurants. Facebook has trialed the feature and is confident that it will meet a high demand from customers.

A collaborative work

According to The Verge, a new feature has been added to the popular app and website Facebook that allows users to order food from their account.

The "Order Food" feature was added recently and connects to a number of food chains around the world. This has been a huge collaborative act between the Facebook Company and many other food companies.

In a report by TC, it has been confirmed that the feature has been in work for quite some time. The company is partnering with dozens of services such as, ChowNow, DoorDash, and much more. The food businesses who have been added as options to the "Order Food" list already provide delivery for their customers. What Facebook is doing is expanding this delivery through their own initiative.

The Verge has confirmed that a number of restaurant chains will also be advertising this "Order Food" service in hopes to gain more traction in their businesses.

Restaurants including Chipotle, Jack in the Box, Panera, El Pollo Loco and more have signed up for the feature. This gives users a wide range of restaurants to choose from.

Long testing processes

In a report by CNBC News, this feature has been in work for the past year.

It has been confirmed that the feature has undergone a vigorous test run to work out any potential problems that could occur for users when ordering food. Facebook Vice President. Alex Himel released a statement in which he confirmed that the feature was slowly rolled out to mobiles, ios and then desktops.

The Facebook Company had to run different tests for the different devices their users use, which meant that the testing process ran longer than it normally, would.

Himel revealed that the idea was gotten from the search history of their Facebook Users. He explained that they are seeing a large number of people looking or food locations on Facebook and decided that they would cater to the public interests and demands.

In a report by TC, Facebook has confirmed that they are not earning from this new feature. Thy stated that they do not receive any profit for their part in the delivery of food and rather mean for the individual to place an order. The company has stated that they simply created a route in which users can have easier access to food.

Facebook has created several new features over the past few years including games, weather apps, and job boards.