Camila Cabello was a member of the Girl Group "Fifth Harmony." Her part in the group was shortened dramatically when she decided to pursue her own solo career in 2016. However, reports have since surfaced that the date of her absence from the band was much sooner than expressed. Information has been leaked showing that Camila left the band a year earlier than she has stated.

The singer claimed she left in 2016

According to Just Jared, Camila Cabello was a former member of the girl group "Fifth Harmony. The group was formed during a season of the "X-Factor" and became a worldwide sensation.

However, after adapting to the celebrity life and touring around the world singer, Camila Cabello decided that she wanted to explore her own music.

According to Seventeen Magazine, Camila claimed that she left the band in 2016. She explained that she loved being a part of the girl group but that she wanted the chance to explore her capabilities as an artist. There have been several reports shared about her decision to leave the band all of which claim she left in the year 2016.

However, evidence has now surfaced online claiming that the singer left the girl group a year earlier than she originally claimed. Fans are furious that the former "Fifth Harmony" member has been lying to them and are now demanding answers from Cabello herself.

Contract leaked online

According to Seventeen Magazine, a contract signed by Camila Cabello has been leaked online The contract deals with her decision to leave "Fifth Harmony." The contract has been made the 18 of September. The year shown on the digital copy has been confirmed as 2015. This contract was Camila's way of telling her fellow "Fifth Harmony" members that she was leaving their group

The contract reads that Camila Cabello is withdrawing from the partnership she has signed.

The effects of the contract are to take place immediately. He explains the hurt and shock felt by "Fifth Harmony" when Cabello chose to leave, as she did not give her band members any notice before she abandoned them for a solo career.

In a report by Just Jared, fans have been attacking Camila online. They have been leaving comments surrounding the contract online for Camila to see.

Some have called her out for acting like the innocent one in the drama surrounding her abandonment of the band. Fans have withdrawn their support for Camila stating that she stabbed her girl group in the back for two years and then tried to make it seem as if they were the ones who initiated the animosity between them

Camila Cabello has not commented on the leaked contract and fans are eagerly awaiting her reply.