Banana Culture Entertainment has just announced that EXID is finally preparing for another comeback. The great news also revealed that Solji, who has been missing out on group activities for almost a year, will finally return to join the girls for the preparation of their return to the music scene.

EXID is one of the popular K-Pop girl groups these past few years even though they made a weak debut in 2012 with different members. The group miraculously gained massive popularity overnight and unexpected success for their single “Up & Down” after a fan-recorded video of Hani performing on a live stage went viral in 2014.

New mini album in the works

On the midnight of October 17, the group announced that they will be returning with a new mini album soon. Their upcoming mini album has been titled, “Full Moon” and Banana Culture Entertainment has scheduled its release on November 7 at 6 p.m. (KST).

Along with the announcement, the first teaser has also been released through the girl group’s official Twitter account. The teaser featured a concept that centers on the cycles of the moon.

The group’s last album was titled “Eclipse” and it seems like they are making sure that the concept of their next album is somewhat related to their previous one.

“Eclipse” was released on April 14 and it peaked at no. 5 in South Korea’s music charts and at no. 4 in international music charts.

Solji rejoins group

Aside from announcing their upcoming comeback, Banana Culture Entertainment also unveiled that Heo Solji will be rejoining EXID for the new album. However, they only confirmed that she will be participating in the making of the new mini album and has yet to announce whether or not she will be joining the girls for the live performances and actual promotions.

Solji went on an indefinite hiatus since December 21, 2016, because she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and she was forced to rest in order to get well. EXID continued to promote with only four members, but Solji recently made an appearance at their homecoming concert in Seoul on August 12, which hinted her return to the music scene.

Solji wasn’t one of the original members of the group, but she still made a name for herself as one of the main vocals. She made her debut in 2006 in a South Korean ballad duo group called 2NB and she gained more recognition for her singing prowess after becoming the first champion of the MBC singing contest show, “King of Music Singer.”