Oprah Winfrey spent some time with Ellen DeGeneres shopping for groceries. During one of the recent episodes of Ellen’s talk show, they bought food supplies while playing pranks on each other inside the store. Some of the funniest moments of the grocery shopping were captured on video. They bought some products from “O, That’s Good!” which is the newest food line of Winfrey.

She told DeGeneres that the last time she visited a grocery store was in 2016 during Thanksgiving season. The comedian took the Talk Show Host and philanthropist across various sections of the store, such as the fruit and vegetable section.

There was one moment when Ellen handed Winfrey a pair of melons, then took a photo with the two pieces of fruit over her chest. She also gave the talk show host some Louis Vuitton bags and instructed her to store the items they bought in those bags.

Oprah also checked some of the peaches and examined them by touching the fruit to see whether they were ripe enough. But the comedian quipped through a megaphone, “Oprah has touched all the peaches, everybody!”

Halloween pranks

In the fruit and vegetable section, there was a gardening hose attached to the shelf containing the leafy produce in the store. It was used for some items to maintain freshness, but DeGeneres turned on the hose and washed almost the entire row of the vegetables in the shelf.

There were also a few jokes made with a bottle of wine. The comedian intentionally placed the bottle inside Winfrey’s bag to make it appear as if she stole the wine bottles.

“Is it okay if Oprah pays in bars of gold? She pays in bars of gold,” Ellen asked the cashier as they checked out the items. Some fans who were inside the store also tried some garlic mashed potatoes served by the two celebrities.

The comedian also pranked her celebrity companion with some Halloween masks sold inside the shop. Winfrey screamed every time Ellen did this and said, “Stop doing that!”


The seasoned television host and businesswoman returned to the show as a guest to talk about their friendship. Ellen had made a scrapbook of their memorable moments together and presented this to her fellow television host.

This was not the first time that the comedian did some grocery shopping with a renowned personality. Last year, she took Michelle Obama to CVS Pharmacy to buy some goods. There were also fun moments, such as opening up some of the sold products prior to check out and autograph signing.