Peta Murgatroyd is competing on this season of "Dancing With The Stars" with celebrity and singer, Nick Lachey. The duo has been doing well on the show even though they have only been competing for a few weeks. Of course, with Nick's former history as a singer and dancer for 98 Degrees, it's possible that he has some experience with rhythm, ballroom dancing and even wearing odd costumes. It is no secret that former contestants on "Dancing with the Stars" have made some comments about their wardrobe choices. Designers will often create outfits that look ridiculous, are covered in rhinestones, or have glitter everywhere.

While some of the Celebrities can agree to wear the costumes, viewers can get a good laugh out of it.

However, the newest outfit isn't exactly resulting in laughter. According to a tweet shared by the official 'Dancing with the Stars' Twitter account last week, Peta Murgatroyd is seen sporting a very low-hanging cover-up. The cover-up is sitting very close to her crotch and fans called for the cover-up to be placed at least two inches higher. Some viewers were even in shock that this would be allowed on prime-time television, as it is a family show.

Viewers call for more modesty

It is definitely interesting that the official 'Dancing with the Stars' Twitter account decided to share this photo of Peta Murgatroyd, especially since the person sharing the photo found nothing inappropriate about it.

In the tweet, the moderator hinted that Peta wasn't eating carbs as a way of shedding the baby weight. She's clearly back to her dancing body, as she's showing off a six-pack on the dance floor.

However, viewers were quick to point out that while Peta Murgatroyd looks great after having a baby, she should have pulled up her cover-up slightly.

It doesn't help that her cover-up is see-through. While many called attention to the fact that 'Dancing with the Stars' is a family show, others expressed that perhaps modesty should be considered.

Shedding the baby weight

It is admirable that Peta Murgatroyd is able to shed the baby weight, especially considering she gave birth just a few months ago.

It's also admirable that she's back on the dance floor again. However, fans would still like to see her cover up just a bit more, even if it means just pulling up her skirt another two inches.

What do you think of Peta Murgatroyd's decision to show off her body in this outfit? Do you think it is appropriate as many viewers are saying?