Drew Scott was excited when he announced that he would be competing on this season of "Dancing With The Stars." The goofy brother who films "Property Brothers" on a daily basis revealed that he was excited to learn how to dance. He has been competing with the champion, Emma Slater, on this season of "Dancing with the Stars" and it sounds like he's having fun despite going through an injury. Since he's competing tonight on the show, he wasn't in Las Vegas when the shooter decided to fire at concert-goers in the city last night. Hundreds of people decided to attend the concert, which was headlined by Jason Aldean, and the shooting began just shortly after 10:00 pm.

According to a new Instagram post, Drew Scott is now breaking his silence about the shooting. Many on the East Coast are waking up to the news that a shooting happened but Drew may have heard about the shooting because he calls Las Vegas home. According to the Review Journal, Drew Scott and his brother Jonathan actually own a home in the city. While Drew Scott may not live on the Las Vegas strip, he does have a property in the city. He shares this home with his brother, but it is possible that they don't live there full-time.

An active shooter in the city

The news broke last night that an active shooter was shooting at people in Las Vegas last night. It was later determined that he was shooting from the Mandalay Bay Hotel, where he could see the concert.

When Scott learned of the shooting, he decided to speak out on Instagram and he was clearly in shock.

"My heart aches for all the families who lost loved ones in Vegas. How can there be so much hate in this world?" Drew Scott revealed on Instagram, sharing a photo from the city's famous strip.

Calling Las Vegas home

While Drew Scott and his brother Jonathan work hard to give people their dream homes, they rarely talk about their own homes.

Despite growing up on a ranch, the two brothers decided to take Las Vegas a base for them. They have spent hours building and renovating their own property and it sounds like they love the city. In his post, Drew doesn't mention Las Vegas as his home, but one can imagine it hits home for him that a shooter was targeting people who may live near him.

What do you think about Drew Scott breaking his silence about the shooter, who targeted people who may be his neighbors? Do you think "Dancing with the Stars" will mention the shooting on tonight's episode, as it is live?