As the world of big-screen superheroes and antiheroes continue to expand, one film, in particular, is already in the process of growing its cast. Due 2018, the upcoming "Venom" movie from Sony is currently in negotiations with actress Jenny Slate to play the role of "a scientist," Variety reported. The actress, who recently appeared in "Gifted" with Chris Evans ("Captain America," "Avengers"), once signed, will join Tom Hardy as the titular character, and the rest of the cast who have already been confirmed, including Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed.

Jenny Slate's role remains a mystery

Like many other films currently in production, Jenny Slate's role in the upcoming "Venom" movie is under wraps. Variety's report only indicated that she would play "a scientist," so it's yet unclear what team she will be playing for. If she lands the role, this will be the first time the 35-year old actress will be part of a big-budget superhero production.

She has had a prolific TV career, however, appearing on "Saturday Night Live," "Parks and Recreation," "Kroll Show," "Drunk History," "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," " Star vs. the Forces of Evil," and lending her voice to "Comrade Detective," "Big Mouth," and "Bob's Burgers." She also has several films under her belt, including 2014's "Obvious Child," where she played Donna Stern, a role she has been nominated multiple times for.

She's also appeared in 2016's "My Blind Brother" and 2017's "Gifted." She lent her voice to 2016's "Zootopia" and 2016's "The Secret Life of Pets."

Actress opens up about her career

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Jenny Slate opened up about the roles she plays, which are oftentimes women in big cities. She admitted that "There’s a discipline to getting to that place where you can be free.

You can be a weirdo! But you have to be aware of the structure and having a diligence as an artist to make something free and new." It would be interesting to see what Slate can bring to the table if and when she signs on for the "Venom" movie that's out in October 2018, especially as this will be her first superhero film.

Production coming together to release film in October 2018

The "Venom" movie is set to arrive on October 5, 2018, so it only makes sense that Sony is already rounding up the cast behind the production. According to Collider, the upcoming film features a script from "Jumanji"'s Scott Rosenberg and "The Dark Tower"'s Jeff Pinkner. It will be produced by Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, and Sony's Amy Pascal, and will be directed by Rueben Fleischer, whose credits include "Zombieland" and "Gangster Squad." The "Venom" movie launches on October 5, 2017.