Briana DeJesus is currently living in Florida where she's trying to raise her two daughters. Briana had gotten pregnant at 16 with her daughter, Nova. She told viewers that her then-boyfriend Devoin wasn't doing anything to help out and they eventually broke up. He was a deadbeat father and she has recently revealed on "Teen Mom 2" that he's doing better. While she seems to have no interest in dating him, she has revealed that he has stepped up and he's trying to be a good father to little Stella.

According to a new tweet, Briana DeJesus is now revealing that she's not happy with the rumors that are swirling around in regards to her and Javi Marroquin.

Over the past couple of weeks, Marroquin and Briana have been making headlines as they hung out in Florida together. Many people feel that they should hook up and after spending last week together with their kids, people assume that they are exploring a romance together.

Not sleeping with her co-star

However, Briana DeJesus is now speaking out and she's revealing that the rumors are out of control. She's not happy that people are saying that she's sleeping with Javi when she hasn't done such a thing. In fact, she's angry that people are making these assumptions based on them hanging out together.

It does seem odd that they can't even hang out without facing rumors that they are dating or sleeping with one another.

The rumors have been swirling for weeks and Kailyn Lowry wasn't too happy when she learned that her ex-husband was hanging out with her new co-star. Lowry has revealed that she wished she could have had a heads-up before the news went public. However, Briana and Javi have both denied it.

Focus is her baby

These days, Briana is focusing on her family and her two children.

She may not be rushing into a relationship because she has a two-month-old baby. While DeJesus isn't interested in dating Luis, the father of little Stella, she may be too busy to focus on dating. Javi Marroquin may be a great fit for her because they both have children, they are both a part of the MTV family, and they appear to be focused on their respective families.

However, the timing may just be wrong as she's with a newborn and Javi is still doing shows with his ex-wife. Perhaps when they have settled their respective situations, they could give it a shot.

What do you think of Briana DeJesus' tweet, where she denies having slept with Javi? Do you think these two should just start dating, even though fans are following their every move?