By now the world knows of RuPaul's Drag Race, the unequivocal gay reality TV phenomena that found humble footing on LOGO to then skyrocket in popularity and stake its claim in the mainstream through graduation to VH1. Last Season might not have been the best the show has had to offer, but queens from all over come out to entertain the masses.

As we move away from season 9 and closer to, either All Stars 3 or Season 10, we should appreciate the local girls that make this show possible and that helps push drag further and further in value and artistic expression.

New York Queen's BRING IT, for the most part. The reason these queens slay is that the community in New York is intensively supportive and competitive in equal measure.

The winner

This season, Sasha Velour took the crown. Her winning battle cry was one of love and motivation. "If you want to be a Queen, make your Damn Crowns!" There was a not a dry eye in the Bar. The win of such a powerful performer and artistic presence was unprecedented. Shea Coulee had done very well all competition and was the expected winner, but Sasha turned out two incredibly innovative final performances and snatched the win for all the weird Brooklyn babies out there. Though I was not a fan of Miss Velour starting out, ( I just didn't get Brooklyn drag, I would say) her quirkiness and how she always stayed herself, won me over in the last few episodes.

Great local Queens

But now to the local Queens. New York City is bursting with Talent, from the bays of the Gowanus Canal to the multicultural haven of Washington Heights, queen after queen turns tricks looks and shenanigans every day of the week and it's astounding. Also, they're quiet friendly on and off stage.

Brita Filter who's tag line is #AnythingbutPure, is a hard working drag artist, who has recently been tapped to travel across the waters for London Pride with a gaggle of another Local Talent.

She hosts competitions; MC's and is one-half of nightlife's best drag duo. She preforms every Wednesday; at The West End, near Riverside Drive, and almost every other day across the city.

Some West Village queens I adore who are sweethearts on and off stage are Lilith Lefae and Viva Vidalia. Two fantastic and great performers; they turn tricks and know how to entertain!

Lilith is a huge nerd off stage, recently performed a crowd stirring Wonder Woman number as the movie soared to commercial and critical success.

Last but not least, Miz Cracker. Her looks are as unique as her powerful comedic presence on stage. Her humor can be pretty out there but its always a great time. Her signature hair looks are immensely popular, and her antics all over Hell's Kitchen are the talk of the town for whoever sees her perform. Her signature Instagram series #HairbyCracker is one of my favorite social media treats.