It looks like Khloe Kardashian’s baby bump is now showing. The 33-year-old star was seen out and about in San Francisco on Saturday, and her growing tummy is obviously showing.

She was wearing high-waist jeans paired with a black shirt that gave a glimpse of her belly. She, too, was sporting a long and loose black coat and thigh-high boots. She was with her sisters, Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian as they were filming some scenes for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

The Kardashian sisters’ due

In September, Us Weekly reported that Khloe Kardashian is now expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson.

She is expected to give birth in early 2018. It is the same time that Kim Kardashian West is expecting her third child with Kanye West through a surrogate. Kylie Jenner is also said to be expecting her first child with Travis Scott in the mentioned date.

To recall, the Khloe and Tristan started dating in September 2016. They were set up for a blind date. From here, the sweet romance began. The Good American designer was often seen flying from L.A. to Ohio to visit her NBA star partner. She even told You magazine in August that her relationship with the 26-year-old sports star is the best relationship she has ever been.

Friends and family excited for Khloe

A source told Us that Khloe Kardashian is now excited to be a first-time mom.

Of course, her family, especially her sister Kim Kardashian West is ecstatic about her pregnancy. Even Scott Disick has some advice for her alleged pregnancy and raising a kid. In an interview with E! News, the former partner of Kourtney Kardashian said that he would be willing to tell him everything she wants to know if she will only ask for it.

However, he thinks that he really didn’t have to because the family is so close physically and emotionally. Sofia Richie’s rumored boyfriend feels like they are all too close that all of their children are brought up together. “In the same vicinity, or one block over, that everybody's kind of there for each other," he said.

So, he didn’t think he still has to give her some advises as they are just right there for her.

Adrienne Bailon, who dated with Rob Kardashian before, also told Us that Khloe has “incredible maternal instincts.” It seems like she naturally has it with the kind and loving personality she has. “I think that’s what a child needs,” the television personality said. With lots of love, she has everything to give.