Growing up, some of my favorite Television Shows were about hip-hop. My favorite rappers would feature on the show and deliver a memorable performance. Popular television channels ran these shows in the morning and, around 3 P.M when I would get back from school. I loved these types of shows because I loved music. These hip-hop shows were entertaining and, gave me insights on my favorite artists. Here are some of the hip-hop tv shows I enjoyed watching.

'106 & Park'

"106 & Park" is a music video show shot in a countdown format. The show featured popular hip-hop, R&B, reggae and dancehall music videos.

Since its pilot, it has been BET's number one rated show. Multiple people have hosted the show and they've all been entertaining. From Julissa and Big Tigger to Bow Wow and The Search, I enjoyed watching them host throughout the years.

"106 & Park" featured interviews and performances with my favorite rappers such as Cam'ron, Jay-Z, and Nas. However, my favorite segment from the show is 'Freestyle Friday'. Each Friday, multiple rappers would rap over an instrumental. The freestyles and excitement from the live audience made this show iconic for me.

'Rap City'

"Rap City" is another television show that aired on BET. The show was an exclusive program to showcase hip-hop music videos, interviews, and freestyles from popular rappers, and guest DJs to serve as co-hosts.

"Rap City" also focused on underground rappers that didn't have a mainstream following yet.

My favorite segment of "Rap City' is the basement freestyle. Beginning when Big Tigger became the host, rappers would deliver a freestyle in a booth, inside a basement. Big Tigger would begin freestyling then, the guest rapper would rap exclusive vocals.

Legendary rappers like Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, and Cam-Ron delivered iconic freestyles in the basement.

'Wild n' Out'

Created by Nick Cannon, "Wild n' Out" is a comedy improv show with hip-hop influences. Two teams of comedians compete against each other in a series of comedy games. Then they face off in a final round called 'WildStyle', where the teams must deliver punchlines in the form of a freestyle rap.

In addition, each episode features a musical performance such as Migos.

My favorite segment from "Wild n' Out" is the 'WildStyle' round. A lot of popular rappers delivered hilarious freestyles. Chance the Rapper, Lil Dicky, Vic Mensa, and Quavo are some of the rappers who battled the "Wild n' Out" crew.