As the Boston Celtics win their 15th straight game, they are the number one team in the eastern conference. A young, talented team led by a great coach, the Celtics are dominating in an unprecedented manner. Several new additions are becoming key players in each game. In addition, the recently drafted players are proving to be essential assets to the win streak. Through this win streak, the Celtics have endured multiple hardships but, have been able to overcome them by performing their roles and making great plays. Here are some takeaways from the win streak.

Overcoming injuries

The Celtics have dealt with multiple injuries over this 15 game win streak.

The most detrimental injury is the star forward Gordon Hayward's season-ending ankle injury. Throughout the season, other key players were injured. Star point guard Kyrie Irving suffered a face injury mid-game and had to leave. Star center Al Horford missed games due to day-to-day injuries. Also, multiple bench players sat out games to rest, causing a lack of depth in the team. Despite all these difficulties, the Celtics have been able to maintain their great performance against competitive teams.

Comeback victories

Through the season, the Boston Celtics had trouble scoring in the first half. Most of the games in the season began with Boston down at halftime. For example, against the Golden State Warriors, the Celtics were losing by double digits multiple times during the game.

However, as the game progressed in the fourth quarter, the offense finally started producing. Rookie Jaylen Brown led the comeback, scoring 22. They were able to continue their win streak and end the Warriors' win streak. Warriors' point guard Steph Curry even believes it could be a Celtics vs Warriors NBA Finals after facing them.

Similarly, against the Atlanta Hawks, the Celtics' offense looked subpar. Throughout the game, the Celtics were losing until they rallied in the fourth quarter. Kyrie Irving's 30 points led a miraculous comeback and solid victory. Even with pieces in the team missing, they were able to adapt and overcome their weaknesses.

Excellent coaching

Brad Stevens has proven time and time again, his skills as the Boston head coach is amazing. He's brought the team from missing the playoffs to a contender for the NBA championship. He knows the team's strengths and weaknesses as well as able to create a play style to benefit the players. The defensive rotations of the Celtics are nothing short of legendary. Being able to hold an offensive powerhouse such as the Warriors to 88 points in no small feat. Brad Stevens is the reason why the Celtics are so successful and he's making a good case to receive his second coach of the year award.