The premiere of the second season of The CW surprise hit drama series “Riverdale” is just about upon us, on Wednesday this week. Viewers were blown away by the dark and mysterious storyline, just as they were intrigued by the characters that were based on, of all things, the long-running Archie Comics which were primarily comedic and humorous. But this new twist on an iconic franchise has found a strong following of fans, both new and old who carried over from the comics. As part of marketing for “Riverdale” season 2, the Canada branch of Netflix, which carries the series on streaming, is opening pop-up locations in that country of the show’s most popular hangout, the 24-hour “Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe.”

Real-life Chock’Lit

Fans who grew up on Archie comic books would know that Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, a diner in the town of Riverdale where the stories are set is the go-to social hangout of Archie Andrews and his circle of friends.

This location is rather faithfully recreated in the “Riverdale” series on The CW as a nostalgia-themed old-school establishment where the main characters portrayed by KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes and more would sit down for snacks like milkshakes or burgers.

Netflix Canada announced on Twitter that they are opening some pop-ups of the Chock’lit Shoppe on no less than six major Canadian cities: Toronto, Mission, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver (where “Riverdale” is shot on location). Even better, these Chock’lit Shoppes – which will run from October 12 to 13 – will be serving milkshakes for free. And to really sell the show’s unique image, guests who come over at any of those locations will be able to try on some “Riverdale” costumes like school jerseys, etc.

It sounds like a fun excuse for friends to do photo-shoots and selfies.

Marketing extravaganza

An official press release by Netflix Canada for the Chock’lit Shoppe marketing with the second season of “Riverdale” goes on about how the pop-up diners will be decorated with “all the Pop’s essentials.” They also refer to the classic Archie dilemma of choosing between Betty (vanilla milkshake) and Veronica (double chocolate).

Those who follow the show, of course, would go for the latter, given the attention being given to Betty’s (Lili Reinhart) growing relationship with Archie’s pal Jughead (Cole Sprouse) instead.

Riverdale” on The CW is going strong from its first season to the point that a spinoff featuring Sabrina the Teenage Witch is already being conceptualized by the network.

Even as season 2 premieres October 11, 8 PM ET/PT, the Chock’lit Shoppes will open for business on the day after. Easy locations at Toronto to try out are with Fran’s on College, October 12-13 at 7-11 PM ET/PT; and The Lakeview Restaurant on Dundas Street, October 13 at the same time. There is no word if there will be something in the US as well.